The definition of luxurious relaxation is reimagined at this beautifully situated villa on the hillside, designed to connect you with the pristine nature surrounding it. Each villa is meticulously crafted to ensure maximum privacy while also offering the chance to witness the stunning natural scenery and the miraculous color changes of the sunset in the evening. This place is not just relax but a true oasis for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


If you’re searching for similar hillside Phuket villas for sale, each villa here comes with an infinity pool and a garden located on the top floor, allowing you to immerse yourself in a tranquil and private atmosphere while soaking in the unmatched beauty of the sunset.


Each villa is designed with a unique and modern architectural style that emphasizes comfort and air circulation within. The use of natural materials and large glass walls allows the interiors to fully embrace natural light and breathtaking views, making you feel as though you are outdoors even while inside. Find your own slice of paradise – explore other breathtaking hillside Phuket villas for sale.

The path to the Eden Hill Villas

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Eden Hill Villa

Phuket Luxury Villas for Sale

Eden Hill luxury Phuket villas for sale are intentionally positioned atop a hillside terrain, adjacent to the Khao-Phra-Thaeo non-hunting area. This ensures that the Eden Hill project offers luxury villas suitable for those seeking residential villas in Phuket. These individuals desire tranquility, proximity to nature, and wish to escape the increasingly chaotic traffic conditions of Phuket.
The Eden Hill project offers luxury Phuket villas for sale in two sizes: 3-bedroom and 5-bedroom villas. Each villa features an infinity pool equipped with a jacuzzi system, allowing residents to enjoy the sunset atmosphere every evening. Moreover, each villa is strategically designed not to obstruct the views of one another. If you require further details,


3-5 Bed Room
490K USD Price Start
480-700 sqm. Land Area
425-485 sqm. Build Area
2.5 Floor
5-7 Baths Room
Pa-Klok (Yamu) Location
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About Us

Information of Khanthasia development

We are profoundly honored that the ‘Eden Hill Villas’ project, our offering of ‘Luxury Phuket Villas for Sale’, has been graced with the top award at the DOT PROPERTY SOUTHEAST ASIA AWARDS 2023, in the category of “Best Luxury Villa Resort Design 2023.”

We are immensely proud and delighted that ‘Eden Hill Luxury Phuket Villas for Sale’ has received this distinguished award from DOT PROPERTY, an organization renowned and deeply respected in the real estate industry both in Thailand and across Southeast Asia.

With a committed and passionate approach to our craft, we have designed our project to stand out with its distinctive design, blending seamlessly with the natural hillside and wooded surroundings of our location, ensuring it is both fitting and functional for genuine residential living. This undoubtedly set us apart, making us a clear standout for this esteemed award. However, we would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the entire judging panel for voting and deeming ‘Eden Hill Luxury Phuket Villas for Sale’ as the deserving recipient of this accolade in 2023.


KhanThaSia is local real estate developer who built luxury Phuket villas for sale, We are civil engineer who has had more than 15 years experience working in the construction industry in Phuket.
We has developed a good reputation over the years and prizes itself on quality of work and customer satisfaction, As management team I take pride in a high standard of work and professional finishing.